Bungee jumping
Malaysian daredevil performs bungee jumping with a two-year-old daughter, faces backlashCreative Commons

A Malaysian reality TV star, Redha Rozlan, has shared a video of a bungee jump with his two-year-old daughter and become a subject of serious flak online.

In the footage posted on Instagram, Rozlan is seen standing atop a bridge at Rentas Adventure in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Malaysia, and his little daughter tightly holding on. Rozlan is also seen patting his daughter, Mecca Mikaela, on the back just before the countdown to the jump.

While Rozlan was attached to a safety rope, Mikaela just clasped onto him as they jumped 196 feet into a gorge.

Many viewers expressed their anger and disbelief after watching the video. One of the Instagram users commented: "God just granted you the status of the second dumbest ass on the planet."

Another wrote: "In America we lock parents up if they leave the kids in the car alone. I can only imagine what we would do to this animal."

Another comment read: "Stupidity at its best. Really portraying Malaysians as idiots at a very incomparable level." Another viewer wrote: "Both parent and business should be fined for this man."

A human rights lawyer, Andrew Khoo, has now said that Rozlan could be prosecuted for "putting the child in a dangerous situation that may cause physical or emotional injury to them," Free Malaysia Today reported.

"Yes, action can be taken under the Child Act," Khoo told the media outlet. "This clearly breached safety requirements, too. The company operating the rope spring jump was also negligent for not preventing the parent from having the child tag along."

Moreover, it can be seen in the video that Rozlan was wearing a helmet, but his little daughter was not.

Rozlan has responded to the negative response from social media users by saying that the child was in a safety harness and was strapped to him during the stunt. He wrote: "Chill guys, Mecca Mikaela was the one who wanted to do the jump with me. There was no forcing."

He added: "She enjoyed her first jump and requested to do it again, but I was afraid." He further explained that the company, Rentas Adventures, behind the activity is certified and licensed to organize such activities. He also mentioned: "Don't try with your kids if your kids are not ready for this."