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Love and Hip Hop New York season 7 episode 2 will be aired on November 28.Facebook/Love and Hip Hop

The highly rated reality series Love and Hip Hop New York season 7 returns with more drama, fights and flirtation this Monday, November 28, at 8pm EST on VH1. Episode 2 is titled Strawberries and it will introduce DJ Drewski, Sofi Green and Skylandish to the viewers.

After enjoying her celebrity status for a while, Cardi B becomes a little confused about her relationship with boyfriend Tommy in the premiere episode. She shares her worries with Samantha Wallace and asks her suggestion on whether she should give up her budding music career to settle down in life. Her friend suggests her to give priority to herself before taking a decision and she starts to develop feelings for her producer swift.

In the upcoming episode, the breakout star could take her relationship with Swift to the next level, resulting in a cat fight with his girlfriend Asia Cole. The fans of the reality series have already got a glimpse of the feud through the trailers, which show her furiously throwing the wig and walking away.

Another couple to have relationship problem is Kimbella Vanderhee and Juelz Santana. A surprise visit to her husband's studio might leave her jaws dropped on the floor after seeing him surrounded by several young girls.

In the meantime, rapper Bianca will rekindle with her old flame DJ Drewski after a live performance. The promo shows her being introduced to the DJ by Yandy Smith-Harris without knowing that they are known to each other in the past.

For Felicia Pearson a.k.a Snoop and her girlfriend J Adrienne, the couple will have to deal with lot of trust issues. The Wire actress' flirtation with a potential artist will leave her lover at her wit's end.

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Check out the trailer for the second episode below: