Love and Hip Hop
Love and Hip Hop New York season 7 episode 2 will be aired on November 28.Facebook/Love and Hip Hop

Love and Hip Hop New York season 7 will be back with a new episode on Monday, November 28, on VH1. Episode 2 is titled Strawberries and will introduce Cam'ron's girlfriend Juju to the viewers.

The upcoming episode will also follow the former BFFs Kimbella Vanderhee and Yandy Smith-Harris as they try to overcome their differences and reunite. Although Juelz Santana took the initiative to reunite his wife with her old friend, he could land in trouble after his wife (Kimbella Vanderhee) gives a surprise visit to his studio.

A promo for the reality show hints at troubled moments for the rapper as his wife gets furious at him for being surrounded by many young girls. Will he be able to prove his innocence to her before she decides to part ways?

In the meantime, Yandy introduces Bianca to DJ Drewski to help her succeed in her career, but the two of them are not strangers from their past. In the trailer, they are seen teasing each other in the beginning.

For Cardi B, it is time to take her relationship with the producer to the next level as she does not know that he is in a serious relationship with a girl named Asia Cole. Things are likely to turn for the worst after the two women meet each other.

Here is the official synopsis for Love and Hip Hop New York season 7 episode 2: Bianca rekindles a working relationship with old flame DJ Drewski. Kimbella pops up on Juelz Santana at the studio. Cardi B takes her relationship with her producer to the next level. Snoop's flirtation with a potential artist leaves J at her wit's end.

Watch the sneak peek video of Strawberries below: