Tommie has been compared to Joseline quite a bit on
Tommie has been compared to Joseline quite a bit on Facebook/Love and Hip Hop

"Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" has proved once again that everything in life comes to a full circle sooner or later. In the upcoming Season 5 episode 9 of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" we will see Joseline turning to Mimi for support and venting to her that Stevie has yet another child that no one knows about.

As fans of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" know, Joseline and Stevie have been facing some marital problems recently. Most of it was attributed to the Puerto Rican princess' affinity to stir up controversies and drama. It didn't help that she is fraternising with Dawn, who tried to sabotage Stevie and Joseline's marriage some time back.

Stevie even asked Mimi, his ex-wife whom he left for Joseline, if he could stay with her until things cool down. However, now it looks like Stevie is not as much of as victim as he portrays himself to be. In the promo for Season 5 episode 9 of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta," Joseline is seen crying to Mimi about how he has a new child with another woman and that he is paying child support.

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Mimi is clearly surprised by this news, and heartbroken to see Josline crying, but it is a little difficult to root for Joseline when she put Mimi is almost a similar situation a few years back.

Meanwhile, it looks like Stevie is starting a new business venture with Tommie as well. As fans know, Tommie is dating Stevie's nephew Scrapp. However, much like his uncle Scrapp too has relations with more than one woman. In the promo, he is seen returning from a weekend getaway with Karlie.

Karlie seems to know that they relationship is fun and breezy, a concept Tommie does not seem to understand. Despite Scrapp saying that he does not love her, she seems to be too attached to him. However, now that Scrapp's jail time is confirmed she is looking to make it on her own in the Hip Hop industry and approaches Stevie. It is clear that she is looking for more than just a business partnership with the man.

Watch Season 5 episode 9 of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" at 8 p.m. (EST) on Monday, May 30, or stream "Free At Last" online via the VH1 website.