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The long wait for "Power" Season 3 has been further elongated and it is now known that episode 1 "Call Me James" will premiere only on Sunday, July 17. When we meet James "Ghost" St Patrick (Omari Hardwick) next, he will be trying to build a new life for himself outside the drug business.

The trailer for the new season, which was released on Thursday, promises the upcoming episodes to be even more dynamic and thrilling. The one lasting message from the trailer is "Ghost Must Die."

Now, how it is interpreted is completely up to those who want Ghost dead. As far as James is concerned, Ghost is already dead and now only James exists. He is a nightclub-owner in a relationship with Angela (Lela Loren), the woman who had sworn to bring James to justice.

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However, nothing in "Power" is that simple, and as anyone who has ever seen anything involving gang wars will say, you can't walk out of the drug game scot-free. Ghost will come back to haunt James, most probably in the form of Kanan (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson), considering he is back from the dead.

Another person who wants to see Ghost dead is his former partner and brother Tommy (Joseph Sikora), who says in the trailer: "Imma put a bullet in his head. [sic]" Despite the ominous trailer, most fans believe Tommy would never go as far as to kill Ghost.

While a few fans are of the opinion that Ghost is way too calculative to be outsmarted by Tommy, others believe their friendship is too strong. A fan went so far as to say the new poster for "Power" is symbolic of how Ghost and Tommy will always have each other's backs.

Do not forget to see how Ghost's story will play out when "Power" Season 3 episode 1 airs at 7 p.m. (EST) on Starz. Here is the trailer for "Power" Season 3:"