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Season 1 of "The Rap Game" was one of the most popular reality shows on television and fans are waiting eagerly for Season 2. The official air date for "The Rap Game" Season 2 has not been announced by Showtime, but hopefully it will happen during fall of 2016.

Aspiring kid rappers have already started sending videos that show off their rapping skills to coach Jermaine Dupri. It is after all one of the most prestigious platforms for a young rapper to launch their career.

Miss Mulatto, the winner of "The Rap Game" Season 1, for example, worked closely with Dupri and his label So So Def Recordings, on her EP "Broken Record Player." She is now a hotshot in the Hip Hop community.

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"Winning "The Rap Game" just took everything I was doing before to a bigger scale. I was already booking shows, doing interviews, etc. But now, I'm doing interviews on huge radio stations with thousands of listeners and booking shows with thousands in the audience," Miss Mulatto told International Business Times India in an exclusive interview.

Now, other starry-eyed rappers are eyeing Mulatto's spot. While most prospective contestants are just showing off their own skills in the audition videos for Season 2, some others, like HoneyB, are heard dissing Season 1 contestants in their videos. However, they might need to watch their back as according to the Shade Files, they might be brought back for the new season.

The website has clarified that not all contestants of "The Rap Game" Season 1 will be back for the new season, but some of them will be brought back to mix things up. Don't forget to check back here to see who these contestants might be.

Meanwhile, check out the audition clips shared by Nia Monae, HoneyB Offical and YoungTalent Nation via YouTube for Season 2 of "The Rap Game."