Stevie J and Joseline may have broken during the course of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" Season 5 shooting
Stevie J and Joseline may have broken during the course of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" Season 5 shootingFacebook/Love & Hip Hop

Things are not going great for the couples in "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" Season 5, especially as of the previously aired "Mother of All Problems." Mimi Faust and Chris have had frictions when it comes to Stevie and Joseline's interference in their life, and it is just going to get worse in the upcoming episode 7, "Playing With Fire."

Mimi and Chris have a loving relationship and until Joseline and Stevie came to Atlanta they were doing just fine. However, since her return, Joseline has been trying to start the proverbial fire in everyone's lives.

Despite claiming to have "grown up" and pretending to want to set an example for her step-daughter Eva, she seems to want to stir every pot for as long as she is in Atlanta. Joseline even brought up the three-way she, Stevie and Mimi shared in front of Chris, clearly disrespecting her.

Joseline then ran her mouth about an alleged romantic history that her husband Stevie and his sister KK had. Despite Stevie telling her to apologise to KK and her sons for spreading this vile rumour, Joseline says she will not.

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In the upcoming episode, we will see Stevie moving out of their home and asking Mimi if he can stay with her. Although there does not seem to be any lingering feelings between the two of them, this living situation definitely upsets Chris.

The recent social media posts from Stevie suggest that his marriage with Joseline is over. Will they take Chris and Mimi down with them as they crash and burn?

Meanwhile, K. Michelle, who had appeared on "Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood" earlier this year has followed the couple back to Atlanta. And just like Joseline, it seems she is also looking forward to get vengeance on those who wronged her.

"Karlie gets close to a new man; Stevie J threatens to end things with Joseline; K. Michelle wants to take down her haters; Mimi and Chris are at a crossroads; Jessica fans the flames between Bambi and Scrappy," reads the official synopsis for Season 5 episode 7 of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta."

You can watch "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" at 8 p.m. (EST) on Monday, May 16 or stream "Playing With Fire" online via the VH1 website.