Josh Hopkins as Liam in "Quantico" Season 1
Josh Hopkins as Liam in "Quantico" Season 1Facebook/Quantico

Notwithstanding the murky plot twists and confusing storylines, "Quantico" showrunners concluded Season 1 beautifully with the finale episode "Yes." The terrorist and finally revealed and so was his ally and now Alex (Piyanka Chopra) has a viable career option with the CIA ahead of her.

"Quantico" Season 1 finale spoilers ahead

Liam (Josh Hopkins), who was the driving force behind the fatal attacks on NYC, was sent to his maker by Alex and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) in "Yes." As it turns out, stopping him was easier than defusing the nuclear bomb, which was meant to take the FBI to the grounds.

The heroic, remorseful, kind and caring Simon (Tate Ellington) decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and drive the bomb into a lake, so that the impact of the explosion will be contained within the water body. Needless to say, he will be missed, and not just because of the amazing character along. Ellington may arguably be the best actor in "Quantico."

Many fans have threatened to boycott the show if Simon Asher, who is apparently dead, isn't brought back. This very sentiment is homage to the brilliant writing of the character and Ellington's incomparable acting. This is also the reason why Simon had to die.

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"His [Simon] was a tragic arc leading to redemption no matter what, whether it lasted one year or five years. That would always be where he would end up. Then we just couldn't shake the fact that it had to be him in that car," "Quantico" showrunner Joshua Safran told TV Line.

It is not like the writers didn't try to keep Simon on the show and send someone else packing. "Pretty much, we cycled through everybody, everybody that wasn't Alex or Ryan. It didn't make sense. We had Raina in the car. But it didn't make sense," Safran said. It does make sense, no other character's loss would have had the same impact on the viewers as well.

Meanwhile, fans can expect a slower paced season come fall. Season 2 of "Quantico" is also expected to have a cleaner build, but will still follow the back-and-forth of timeline format.

Here is all Safran revealed about the upcoming season: "...the Season 2 event is not a huge plot like I'm on the run and I'm being framed, which meant she was constantly on the move and constantly coming into people's stories. It was two full stories on two tracks at all times. This one is one full story, and then one slow thing. It's a cleaner build, that's the best I can say. It will be less confusing."