The suspense is growing after NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) announced that it is going to make a "major announcement" related to planet Mars on Monday.

Thousands of space junkies are debating what the announcement is going to be about. Will it be about discovery of water, or has the NASA scientists discovered Martian crabs? Many also are debating whether it is going to be about alien life on the red planet.

The American space agency has said that it has solved a major "Mars mystery" but has refused to share more details.

NASA , however, has promised it will reveal it all during the news briefing from the headquarters in Washington DC, at 11.30am (local time) on Monday, 28 September (9.00pm IST).

The event can be watched online as NASA will be live streaming the press conference. [Watch it live here]

There, however, is a strong speculation what the 'special announcement' is going to be about. According to a report in The Age, NASA in all probability will announce the discovery of flowing water on Mars.

The report claimed that the "biggest hint" was the presence of young Nepali space scientist Lujendra Ojha from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, one of the five speakers at the press conference. Ojha made headlines in 2011, when as a 21-year-old undergraduate student, he co-authored a new study in the journal, Science, suggesting that there is liquid water during warmer seasons on Mars.

The live updates on the event will be available also on the official NASA Twitter account, where public can participate and submit questions during the press conference using the hashtag #AskNASA.

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