The K2
The K2 episode 15 to mark the end of Je-ha, An-na romance; Is Yoo-jin the reason?Youtube/Screenshot

Choi Yoo-jin is always ahead of her enemies and she will prove it again in episode 15 of The K2, which will be aired this Friday, November 11, at 8pm KST on tvN.

The period drama will pick up right from where it left-off in episode 14 and feature a verbal encounter between Choi Sung-won and his sister at Cloud Nine sub-level. The new episode will also focus on the various challenges faced by the onscreen couple Kim Je-ha and Go An-na.

Click here to watch The K2 episode 15 live online. The sequel will also be available online on the official YouTube Channel of tvN.

The official trailer hints at troubled moments for the onscreen couple. In the clip, the female lead is seen asking her lover what he wants her to do and he replies, "We need to catch representative Park Kwan Soo. No matter where you go, I will follow you but you have one more difficult task to do."

In the next scene, the male lead is seen fighting with a set of armed men. The video also shows Mi-ran informing Jang Se-joon that his illegitimate daughter got kidnapped by someone. It then takes its viewers through a dark room, wherein Im Yoona's character is seen tied up on a chair.

The promo also features a conversation between Song Yun-ah's character and his brother. When the presidential candidate's wife asks the CEO of JB Group what is he doing at Cloud Nine sub-level, he replies, "I'm here to set off a bomb."

The sneak peek video then focuses on a confession of Ji Chang-wook's character to the eldest daughter of chaebol family. It makes her furious and she calls him a dirty traitor. Watch the trailer below: