The reality show that celebrates tattoos and the artistry that goes behind it, "Ink Master," is returning with Season 7 via Spike TV on Tuesday, March 1. This season, also called "Ink Master Revenge," will see eight veteran "Ink Master" contestants returning to compete against the newbies, for yet another shot at the title.

The returning contestants are St. Marq (Season 6), Cleen Rock One (Season 5), Sausage (Season 4), Matti Hixson (Season 4), Jime Litwalk (Season 3), Sarah Miller (Season 2), Jesse Smith (Season 2) and James Vaughn (Season 1). They will be joined by new artists Corey Davis, Cris Gherman, Ashley Velazques, Christiano Buckingham, Alex Rockoff, Megan Jean Morrisa, Anthony Michaels, and Picasso Dular.

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In the premiere episode, the artists will be seen taking part in an initiation challenge, in which they will all have to sketch a live nude model. In the promo for the episode, Dave Navarro is seen telling the contestants that they have three rounds to complete and those three rounds will be part of the initiation challenge.

Once the artists finish sketching a full length portrait of the model in the best possible way, they will move on to the next round of the challenge. "Get stuck, and your first challenge in this competition will be a fail," Navarro reminds them.

His words make everyone nervous, with Rockoff even saying, "I have never done a live drawing before. This is the worst f**king challenge I have ever been faced with in my life."

Watch Season 7 Episode 1 of "Ink Master" at 10 p.m. (EST) on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. You can also live-stream the premiere episode via Spike TV Live.