"Love and Hip Hop: New York" is going on a week-long break, meaning the upcoming Season 6 Episode 11 will not be aired until next Monday, March 7, 2016. In the previous episode, fans saw DJ Self calling Cardi B's music garbage, but it looks like she doesn't need any help to make it big.

In "Showcase Showdown," MariahLynn had walked in on Cardi recording her new single "Super Hoe," not to be confused with Mariah's "Once Upon a Time Not Long Ago I Was A Hoe." Impressed with the song, Mariah has asked if she was going to perform that at DJ Self's "gwenin' event," only to realise that Cardi did not even know about it.

Cardi confronted Self about not telling her, only to Self to tell her that her music is garbage. However, it looks like Cardi did not need him in the case, because the single she was recording, "Super Hoe," has been released and already has over 113,859 views on YouTube.

Cardi is definitely one of the most popular members of Season 6 of the reality show, along with Remy Ma. As fans know, the veteran rapper has a huge wedding ceremony soon because she had married her husband Pappoose when she was in jail. In the previous episode, fans saw her telling Rashidah Ali to lose weight before her wedding.

It looks like she herself has taken advice she gave to her bridesmaid, because in the recent photos, Ramy has been sharing she looks very toned.

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