Indian Summers
Aafrin and Alice receive a threat from Cynthia.Facebook/PBS Masterpiece

Although "Indian Summers" Season 2 already aired on Channel 4 in the UK, the British period drama premieres with a new season on PBS Masterpiece this Sunday. In the new season's premiere episode, Aafrin Dalal (Nikesh Patel) has a mental turmoil after he returns from Bengal.

To be sure, Season 2 of the drama opens three years later, in 1935, when relationships are all but changed. This is mostly perceptible in Aafrin and Alice's (Jemima West) affair. Although he tries to move on, he can't. Furthermore, she suffers with her bully of a husband, Charlie Havistock (Blake Ritson).

Even though the two end their relationship, the chemistry between them is quite palpable. Aafrin still seems to be in love with Alice and it remains to be seen where this heads, plot-wise. 

Meanwhile, Aafrin has a very vague yet loaded conversation with his sister, Sooni (Aysha Kala). In the promo for Season 2 episode 1, Aafrin talks about the poverty, desperation and helplessness of the people in Bengal. 

He says, "You should have seen it Sooni. The way people are out there in the rice fields. They're all thin as sticks. Little children hungry with no hope except for more of the same. And when the rains come down, whole villages washed away."

Aafrin, who begins to work for the Indian independence movement in the latest season tries to confide in his sister and seeks her help. He asks if she can keep a secret and considering that she's his sister, Sooni might just oblige him. However, it remains to be seen what Aafrin has to say. 

"Indian Summers" Season 2 episode 1 airs at 10 p.m. EST on Sunday, Sep. 11 on PBS. You can stream the episode via PBS website