Alex with her baby in "If Loving you is Wrong"
Alex with her baby in "If Loving you is Wrong"Facebook/If Loving You is Wrong

The tension-filled episodes of "If Loving You is Wrong" will continue with Season 2 episode 14, as Alex's (Amanda Clayton) parents keep butting heads with Randal (Eltony Williams). In the upcoming episode, the old, racist couple is expected to be even more annoyed by their daughter's black baby daddy.

In the promo for the upcoming episode, Alex's father lividly asks Randal, "Who do you think you are boy?" The eerily calm and annoyingly cheerful Randal explains that they are family now that Randal has a child with the Southern gentleman's daughter.

Randal certainly seems to be inching towards insanity and his love for Alex at this point is all-consuming. Meanwhile, his wife Marcie (Heather Hemmens) suffers and is not able to move on because Randal claims to be in love with her as well.

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Randal also seems to be remorseless of his actions, even saying "I'm loving life," to his dear mother Louise (Andrea Frye), who is trying to keep her son as far away from Alex's parents as possible. Despite her efforts, Randal finds his way to the couple, taunting them with lines like, "Alex and I had sex."

In fact, it looks like Randal makes them so angry that Alex's father even tries to kill the baby. In the promo, he desperately looks for the baby, and his wife unsuccessfully tries to pacify him. At one point, even the grandma points a gun at someone. Although the gun is pointed at someone almost as tall as her, it could also be that the someone is holding her mixed race grandchild.

Watch Season 2 episode 14 of "If Loving You is Wrong" at 9 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 29. You can also live-stream the episode via OWN app.