The queens of "RuPaul's Drag Race" paid homage to the 80s new wave bands in Season 8 episode 4 titled "New Wave Queens." The competition also gave one particular queen the opportunity to climb back up from the bottom to the top of the group.

Major spoilers for "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 8 episode 4 titled "New Wave Queens"ahead

After dancing and acting, the queens of "Drag Race" were tested on their singing skills in Season 8 episode 4. The girls divided themselves into Team Les Chicken Wings, featuring Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls and Robbie Turner; Team Street Meatz, featuring Bob The Drag Queen, Acid Betty and Thorgy Thor; and Team Dragometry, featuring Naysha Lopez, Chi Chi DeVayne and Derrick Barry.

Chicken Wings were punk rock band featuring happy and cheerful queens who wanted to sing about food. Although the rest of the queens had banked on the team to come last in the challenge, Chicken Wings not only worked without many hassles, they also impressed the judges and audiences alike.

In the end, all three members were deemed safe, with Robbie winning the challenge. This win is especially important for Robbie because she was in bottom two and had to lip-sync for her life in the previously aired "RuCo's Empire."

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Meanwhile, Naysha, who has just gotten back from elimination, landed back in bottom two after failing to impress the judges with her singing and her runway look. Her group Dragometry was made up of people that had to stick together because no one else wanted them in their teams. And while Naysha and Derrick tried to make the best of the situation and work together, Chi Chi failed as a team player.

In the end, their lack of compatibility cost the entire team and Chi Chi landed in bottom two along with Naysha, while Derrick barely escaped.

Meanwhile, Street Meatz became runner-up in the challenge, despite Bob and Thorgy butting heads. Considering they had three strong artists and performers, the conflict was inevitable, but Bob taking that anger out of coach/judge Lucian Piane.

Although Lucian wondered why any queen would lash out at him, considering their fate is in his hands, he forgave Bob's little outburst. The judges even appreciated Bob's runway attire, although Thorgy and Betty, who are usually front runners, failed to impress the judges. Despite being safe, they both had to face some negative comments.

In the final lip-sync battle, Naysha and Chi Chi both did some amazing stunts from cartwheels to splits. It definitely was one of the most difficult choices that the Ru had to make this season. However, the battle resulted in Naysha going home again and Chichi  getting another chance to showcase her talent.