Girls just wanna have funIBTimes IN
Girls just wanna have funIBTimes IN

YouTube star Sunisith, who has been claiming in several interviews that he was the first hero to be approached for lead roles in many big films in Telugu film industry, and also that he shot for Saaho and RRR as the main hero, is back with another such stunt.

These many days, audiences and filmmakers took his words on a lighter vein. But this time, things did not go well with him as she stooped down to such a level, that he claimed he had affairs with two heroines in the industry.

lavanya tripathi
Lavanya Tripathi.Twitter

In another recent interview, Sunisith said that he was having an affair with Lavanya Tripathi and Tamannaah Bhatia, and later broke up with both of them. He said the Bhale Bhale Magadivoy actress was not satisfied with him and so, left him.

He said, "I proposed to Lavanya Tripathi and she said okay. We used to go to restaurants and go to watch movies in her car only because I have a bike. I wanted to marry her. I took her to a temple nearby and we secretly got married in the year 2015. We were together even after the marriage. My parents have accepted our marriage but her parents supported."

This is the funniest part of the interview. He even claimed that she did not want to stay together and later divorced him. Also, he said his parents did not accept their marriage due to caste-related issues. "That is why I had to delete the photos of our marriage. Things did not go well after that," said the YouTube star.

Sunisith in an interview, speaking about Lavanya Tripathi.Instagram

Lavanya Tripathi, who was highly offended with what Sriramoju Sunishith has said, lodged a complaint against him with the Cyber Crime officials in Hyderabad. In the complaint, she has mentioned that Sunisith is allegedly spreading lies and damaging her reputation on social media. Lavanya has formally written an email to cybercrime officials and a formal complaint was registered against Sunishith following her email.