Kris and Caitlyn Jenner will spend a lot of time together in "I am Cait" Season 2
Kris and Caitlyn Jenner will spend a lot of time together in "I am Cait" Season 2Facebook/I am Cait

Caitlyn Jenner's incredible journey as a trans-woman was brilliantly captured in Season 1 of "I am Cait" and it moved many people to tears of joy and frustration last year. Starting March 6, 2016, fans will get an insider's access into Caitlyn's life again, as she braves the world as a father, an ex-husband, a friend advocate of LGBT issues and a woman.

Season 2 is going to see a lot more of the Kardashian clan than the previous season did. It is understood that Cailtyn's former wife Kris Jenner is even going to celebrate mardi gras with Caitlyn and the gang. In the promo for Season 2, the two are seen arguing while having dinner with the girls.

While discussing Caitlyn's transition, Kris denied knowing about the former being a transgender "early on," however, Caitlyn gets defencive and says that she did mention it early on in their relationship. "I didn't know until all of this, I couldn't have given you that definition of transgender," Kris clarifies.

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However, it looks like their minor argument did not dampen the party. The girls will be seen trying out many new things during the course of the season and towards the end of the promo, Kris is even seen saying that they all have a "major 10" from her – everyone except Caitlyn that is.

The new season is also expected to have a romantic story-line involving Candis and it will show the hindrances that a trans-woman faces while trying to date. In the promo Candis is seen with a man, standing on a romantic spot, telling him that she is ready to kiss him. However, he says her being a transgender is an issue for him, hearing which Candis walks away.

Watch the Season 2 Episode1 of "I am Cait" at 9 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, March 6. You can also live-stream the premiere via E! Live.