Park Seo-joon as Moo-myung and Go Ara as Kim Ah-ro in Korean period drama Hwarang.Twitter/Hwarang

Hwarang: The Beginning or Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth returns with episode 13 this Monday, January 30, at 10pm KST on KBS2. It will focus on the new love interest of Princess Sukmyeong and the various challenges Kim Ah-ro will be facing because of it.

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After watching the shocking cliffhanger of episode 12 which teased the beginning of a rivalry between Moo-myung a.k.a Dog-Bird and King Jinheung (Sammaekjong), the viewers are eager to know what lies ahead for the two.

The promo for the upcoming episode does not address the issue but it hints at a new development in the storyline. According to the video, a new character will be introduced in the storyline, who could pose a threat to Queen Mother Jiso.

After challenging the female antagonist, her rival targets the young warriors in Hwarang house and Lord Kim Wi-hwa informs them to prepare for the worst. "You may face unexpected situations on the way. Whenever you face those moments, remember. You are Hwarang. You are the spirit of the country," he says.

Is he a secret weapon of Minister Park Yeong-shil? The trailer shows him asking Kim Ji-soo's character about her next plan and it makes her worried about the future of Silla. She decides to send her daughter to South Buyeo.

In the meantime, Princess Sukmyeong tries to attract the male protagonist towards her and invites him to her secret hideout place. Although he initially refuses to go with her, but eventually follows her to the place and it makes Go Ara furious. She confronts him about his ignorance and asks: "Why aren't you even looking at me?"

Click here to watch Hwarang live online on Monday night at 10pm KST on KBS. Episode 13 will also be available online here for the K-drama fans across the globe.

Watch the trailer for the Korean mini-series below: