Go Ara as Kim Ah-ro in Korean period drama Hwarang.Twitter/Hwarang

Hwarang: The Beginning, which is also known as Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, will be back with episode 11 next Monday, January 23, at 10pm KST on KBS. The sequel will continue to focus on Kim Ah-ro's complicated relationships with Moo-myung and King Jinheung (Sammaekjong) a.k.a Kim Ji-dwi.

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In episode 10, the young and distrustful king finally realised his powers and used it to save the female lead from getting killed by commandant Hyun-chu. He even urged Queen Mother Jiso to stay away from his lover and his personal bodyguard Pa-oh to kill anyone who tries to harm her.

Although Kim Ji-soo's character was left with no option but to release Lord Kim Ahn-ji's daughter, she urged her bodyguard to split them apart. So viewers were expecting some big scheming from her side that could affect the two.

However, the promo for episode 11 disappoints viewers. It shows the female antagonist asking Princess Sukmyeong to get rid of Ah-ro without letting anyone know about her involvement in it. The video ends by teasing the female lead's demise.

But Pa-oh has already promised the King that he will protect Go Ara's character in any situation and kill the person who tries to harm her. So it can be assumed that he will save her from the Princess' poisonous arrows.

Elsewhere, Park Yeong-shil will get to know that Sammaekjong is within Hwarang. He will begin his hunt for the King with the help of Park Ban-ryu's rival, who has joined him at the house as his personal assistant.

Most probably, the Leader of the opposition and his loyal followers will end up guessing Moo-myung a.k.a Dog-Bird as the King and plan their move against him. Will he get hurt during the dirty political game between the royals?

Watch Hwarang episode 11 next Thursday at 10pm Korean time to know more about it. Until then, catch up with the previous episodes of the KBS mini-series online here.

Meanwhile the sneak peek video also features Moo-myung and Ah-ro in bed, and the latter informs the former that she is doing it as part of the treatment. Does this indicate that the cliffhanger of episode 10 was a dream sequence?