After Quinn was badly injured and went into  a coma, Carrie and Saul will have a tough time to choose between saving his life or continue their journey to stop the terrorists' attack in the latest episode of "Homeland" titled "Our Man in Damascus."

CLICK HERE to watch what decision Carrie and Saul will take as the threatened attack is inevitable and at the same time, Quinn is at risk of losing his life.

In the promo of the episode, a doctor is seen telling Saul and Carrie that "the only reason he [Quinn] is alive is because of atropine in his system."

However, the terrorists have already given an ultimatum of a gas attack in Berlin and Carrie and Saul don't have much time.

In desperation, Saul asks the doctor, "When might we reasonably expect him to regain consciousness?"

"Reasonably? He's in respiratory failure due to acute hypoxia," the doctor replies.

When Saul insists on taking Quinn away, the doctor gets angry and says, "I'm telling you he's in a coma for a reason."

Now, there are not many options left with the two CIA agents. Either they will have to stop the attack or stay with Quinn to save his life.

In another clip of the episode, Carries decides to carry Quinn while the doctor warns risking "massive seizures, cerebral hemorrhage, and death."

Once Quinn is wake, she asks him about the terrorists' plot.

"You penetrated a terrorist cell. They're planning an attack here in Berlin," Quinn answers him feebly.

When Carrie insists for more information, Quinn moans and coughs up blood. Afterwards, he becomes still.

It seems that Quinn has died during being interrogated by Carrie. However, what really has happened will be revealed only in the next episode.

In the previous episode titled "New Normal," when investigating one of the suspect's address, Carrie and Astrid found Quinn barely clinging to life, as well as the body of Zaheer. Quinn was taken to a hospital and placed in intensive care.