In the latest episode of Showtime's "Homeland" titled "New Normal," it seems that Carrie Mathison will try her best to fight against all the odds and save Peter Quinn's life from an apparent threat.

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According to the promo of the episode, the ex-CIA agent will do anything in her power to solve the complicated situation and in the meanwhile, she will make sure that nothing happens to Quinn.

In the promo, Quinn is bound and it seems that he will become a sacrificial lamb by the insurgents who are hell-bent on terrorising whole of Berlin.

The organisation forwarded a video footage to the United Nations Security Council, prompting them to accept their demands otherwise they will kill Quinn. Carrie decides to work on her own as she realises that Quinn doesn't have much time.

With a lot of effort, Carrie finds the location of black ops personnel and she might use the intel that she acquired recently to reach Quinn's location.

Earlier, it was seen that Quinn was in Syria to have a talk with the deputy Emir but the situation took a nasty turn when the extremist leader found out about his plan and went to Berlin.

Just when the viewers thought that the situation can't be worse, Allision, who was revealed to be a double agent, told Dar Adal that she can assist in stopping the threat. Carrie immediately points out that Allison is lying. However, Saul seems to be agreeing with her as he listened quietly sitting in a dark corner.

At the end of the promo clip, Carrie is seen tiptoeing into an abandoned location. It seems that she is searching for someone and most probably, that person is Quinn.