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The latest episode on VH1's "Hit the Floor" has many surprises in the offing and most of them revolve around a party. In the latest episode of the drama series, Jelena and her fiancé Terrence throw an engagement party to establish their presence as a "power couple".

In the previous episode, Jelena and her mother had a candid discussion about their past. Jelena confronted her mom about the pain that still feels raw and neglected. Most of Jelena's problems stem from the fact that her mother has been with abusive men all along. After hearing her daughter's problems, Jelena's mother becomes very emotional and agrees to give her the 10% stake in the Devils team.

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This new power over the team inspires Jelena to throw a masquerade party. In the promo for Season 3 Episode 3, she tells Terrence, "We had a plan to buy the team and a partner to buy the cash. Now we just need to raise our profile."

She goes on to tell him about the party, but he is concerned. He brings to her notice that this plan may not bode well for them and Jackson might be miffed. However, Jelena says that the party is an occasion to announce their engagement and says that Jackson will bring his friends.

Perhaps the best part of Jelena's plan includes throwing a bash right inside the Devil's playground. Although the theme of the party is deception. In other words, it is a masquerade party. However, we wonder how Lionel will react.

"Hit the Floor" Season 3 Episode 3 airs on Monday, 1 February, at 10pm on VH1. You can live stream the episode here.

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