Jalandhar independent candidate cries on camera
Youtube screengrab

Family is said to be the biggest support system for a person but for Neetu, he feels that his family betrayed him. While the Bharatiya Janata Party created a 'Modi wave' across the country, the party couldn't make its mark in Punjab which is still under the control of Congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh. However, there were independent candidates who tried to create a dent but failed miserably and Neetu is one of them.

In a heart-wrenching video, Neetu, an independent candidate from Jalandhar in Punjab, broke down on camera after he won got only five votes when there are nine people in his family.  

Neetu went on to say that his own family betrayed him and blamed his loss on EVM tampering. However, the reporter who was interviewing him had his own bit of fun and kept asking him difficult questions to evoke interesting answers.

The reporter went on to ask, "When your own family doesn't support you, how can you expect outsiders to help you?" This question only made the man cry even more.

After his family's betrayal, Neetu has decided that he will no longer contest in any election. However, while Neetu was crying that he got only five votes, the total tally by the Election Commission has said that he won a total of 856 votes.

Cheer up Neetu! Maybe your family voted for you after all!