aluminium foil
(Picture for representation) Aluminum foil balls are becoming a trend in Japan.Wikimedia Commons 

A video of a guy rolling a regular aluminum foil into a perfect metal ball has gone viral and people just cannot get over how perfect the orb looks.

YouTube channel SKYtomo uploaded the video on March 10, and it has already garnered more than 2 million views at the time of reporting. The 10-minute video shows how the guy hammers and polishes a regular tin foil in a perfect shiny and reflective metal ball.

Phew! Hard work really pays off and this is the proof.

It goes without saying that the video is oddly satisfying. The video starts with the guy rolling an entire box of aluminum foil into a tight ball. He then proceeds on to hammer the ball until it becomes a tightly compressed sphere. He then polished the orb with sandpaper. He also applied a polishing cream and used a chamois cloth to get the perfect sheen.

However, the guy in this video is not the only person to make a ball out of aluminum foil. It is rather a trend that Japan seems to love.

Who is behind this weird trend?

A jewelry artist named Atelier Puchuco took to Twitter to share a picture of a perfect aluminum ball on March 1.

Since then several people have tried their hand at the craft. The Twitter post has been retweeted more than 64,000 and garnered more than 198,000 likes.

Check out the video here: