A new video uploaded on the TikTok app shows a bride and groom on their wedding day, in their finest clothes receiving their guests. However, there is one glitch in the festivities. The groom is so engrossed playing PUBG on his phone that he ignores his guests and more importantly, he completely ignores his wife who is sitting patiently next to him.

Whether TikTok is banned or not, she might want PUBG to be banned now more than ever. 

pubg at wedding

On the wedding day, couples can't seem to take their eyes off the loves of their lives and the same goes to this man who couldn't take his eyes off the love of his life: the PUBG game on his phone.

The man in the video seems clueless regarding his surroundings and at one point in time, he even shooed away a gift because it was blocking his view of the phone screen. He could have at least taken a look at it. It is a gift after all.

All this while, the bride, also decked in her finery is looking into his phone and doesn't seem to know why he is so engrossed in it. Poor girl, she may also be having second thoughts of marrying this man who hasn't taken even a second to look at his bride on their wedding day.

The 10-second video also shows the young man not looking up even once even though there is extremely loud music in the background.

Since this video was uploaded on TikTok, we do not know if this is a real incident or a staged one. But one thing we can be sure of is that if this is a real incident, we wouldn't want to be the bride sitting quietly while her husband has eyes only for the love of his life, who, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be her.