In the latest episode of Fox's 'The Grinder' titled "Little Richard No More", it seems Dean's family will finally realise how famous he is and his popularity will be affect their lives in various ways.

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According to the official synopsis of the episode, Dean's brother Stewart and sister-in-law Deb are under the impression that the new couple, Lyle and Vanessa, came to meet them recently because of Dean's fame as Vanessa openly expressed her liking for Dean's show, "The Grinder".

However, after a brief period of happiness, Stewart will start getting irritated and annoyed by Dean's fans showing up at the firm and disrupting the work all the time. Hence, he will make up his mind to confront Dean and talk to him about it.

Meanwhile, it seems that Dean is getting attracted towards Claire and tries to resist himself as he hated falling in love after going through heartbreak in high school.

In the previous episode titled "A Hero Has Fallen", after achieving a major victory in court, Stewart's firm got flooded with business. Dean was enthusiastic to take on a big case but Stewart was reluctant as he didn't think Dean was qualified enough to handle the case.

Elsewhere, Debbie was worried about her job. So, Dean advised her to ask for a promotion firmly, but the plan backfired.

Earlier, we had reported that besides the primary cast, some prominent celebrities like Christina Applegate and "Entourage" star Emmanuelle Chriqui are also set to make an appearance on the show.

Applegate will play the character of Kelly Summers, Dean's high school crush. Chriqui will play a lawyer, named Addison Cross, at Stewart's firm. She described her role as a "fiery lawyer at Mitch's firm with whom he's having a torrid romance".