The second episode of Fox's "The Grinder" titled "A Hero Has Fallen" will see Dean's journey to join his family as a lawyer when his show got cancelled due to low ratings.

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According to the official synopsis, "After a smash victory in court, the firm is flooded with business, and Dean wants to take on a big case, while Stewart disagrees, which puts the brothers at loggerheads. Meanwhile, Dean encourages Debbie to aggressively go for a promotion at work, but her plan backfires."

It seems there is going to be a serious fight between Dean and Stewart as Dean is firm about joining the firm as a lawyer and Stewart thinks it is impossible as Dean doesn't have any law degree and has only been a lawyer in a comedy show.

Besides the constant fighting between these two, Christina Applegate is also set to appear as Dean's school crush Kelly Summers. She has an appealing, old-fashioned character that Dean finds truly refreshing.

"The Grinder" follows the story of Dean Sanderson Jr., who is an actor in a TV show called "The Grinder" and plays a lawyer. However, when his show is suddenly cancelled, he has no option but to return to his family.

As soon as he reached home, he found out that his own family members are actual lawyers running an actual law firm. Believing his acting career as a lawyer has given him enough experience, Sanderson decides to become a real lawyer and joins his family.

This would be the second venture of Lowe and Applegate together as they both had co-starred in 2003 comedy movie "View from the Top" too.

Entertainment Weekly has mentioned that "Entourage" star Emmanuelle Chriqui will also join the cast, playing the part of Addison Cross. Her character is described as a "fiery lawyer at Mitch's firm with whom he's having a torrid romance."

Besides Applegate, Natalie Morales, William Devane, Fred Savage, Connor Kalopsis, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Hana Hayes have confirmed to join the cast as Sanderson's family.