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In the upcoming episode titled "Star-Crossed" of NBC's "Grimm" Season 5, after a Wesen ritual claimed several lives, Nick (David Giuntoli), Hank (Russell Hornsby) and Wu (Reggie Lee) started on a hunt of the serial killer behind it.

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According to the synopsis by, "An ancient and barbaric Wesen ritual claims lives in Portland; and Nick, Hank and Wu find themselves five steps behind the serial killer when Monroe goes undercover to help their investigation. Meanwhile, Hadrian's Wall's war against Black Claw intensifies as Eve uses her unique skills to interrogate a suspect."

In the previous episode titled "A Reptile Dysfunction," a secret government agency took Nick into the heart of their Portland operations centre.

At the same time, he and Hank investigated the possibility that a famous lake monster was responsible for the death of a tourist.

Elsewhere, Rosalee's past came back to haunt her and Capt. Renard continued to support a candidate for mayor.

The agents at the classified government agency bombarded Nick with questions and he eventually realised that they suspect his past. Nick carefully answered all their queries and the agents were left with no other option but to reluctantly let him go.

However, his troubles had just started. The moment he came back, Detective Hank informed him about a mysterious case of a murder where a tourist was found dead near a lake. A man, who claimed to be the eyewitness, said that the tourist was killed by a gigantic monster that emerged from the lake.

Though most of the police department thought that the man was crazy, Nick and Hank knew better and they decided to investigate the case and look into the matter more closely.