After the thrilling action-packed Season 2 Episode 10 "The Son of Gotham", fans can expect a spectacular Episode 11 on Monday, 30 November, marking the fall finale of "Gotham".

Gotham is inching towards a war, and our favourite villain Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) is not planning on sitting this one out. In "Worse Than a Crime", Jim (Ben McKenzie) is desperately looking for Bruce (David Mazouz), who has been kidnapped by Theo Galavan (James Frain).

Jim was saved from the clutches of the Order of St Dumas by Penguin in the previous episode, but he passed out before he could reveal to his rescuer where Galavan was headed. It can be assumed that Bruce is "The Son of Gotham", the very person whose death will supposedly cleanse Gotham.

When faced with the task of finding Bruce, Jim will have to turn towards his oldest and most dangerous ally, Penguin, who is heard saying in the promo for Season 2 Episode 11: "You and I share a bond", and also, "If there was ever a time for us to work together, now is that time". The "Rise of the Villains" story arc is expected to fittingly end with the battle of villains in Gotham.

In the promo, we see Jim with an army of villains headed by Penguin facing an army of the Brothers. However, Jim's decisions will have consequences, starting with a "Wanted" poster distributed by the GCPD at the behest of Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis). He is also seen questioning Lee (Morene Beccarin), owing to the fact that she is his girlfriend, as Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) eavesdrops in the background.

Meanwhile, Alfred (Sean Pertwee) heads to the GCPD to try and convince Barnes that Galavan is evil, but the captain is afraid of jumping the gun again, after Galavan got away scot-free despite getting arrested the last time. Nygma again hangs around to gather some information, but accidently lets out a chuckle when Harvey and Alfred discuss the whereabouts of Jim.

When they question him, Nygma responds with a riddle: "A diamond plate, a glowing grate, a place you never leave. Where am I?" which leaves them confused. However Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk), who is also with them, figures out that he is talking about his home, to the bafflement of Nygma. As fans know, Penguin and Nygma are now close friends and even live together, so it is no surprise Penguin brought Jim to his home.

One thing we can all expect from the Season 2 fall finale on Monday is the death of some prominent characters. There is one particular body bag all fans are curious about though, from the promo. Most fans believe it contains the body of Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), aka the Joker. 

However, it does not look like that is where the story is headed, seeing we got a clean closure with Jerome's character, even if his death upset many fans. Our guess is the bag contains the body of Galavan, after he is defeated by Jim and Penguin. 

That would be the fitting fall finale for "Gotham" seeing as we will have to wait till January 2016 to watch a new episode. Watch out for Season 2 Episode 11 of "Gotham" at 8 pm (EST) on Monday, 30 November. You can also live stream "Worse than a Crime" via Fox Now!