Jim (Ben McKenzie) may have taken Theo Galavan (James Frain) to the court of justice, but taking him down for good, will be a much heftier deed than he anticipated. In the upcoming Season 2 Episode 10 of "Gotham" we see Galavan being exonerated of all charges.

Meanwhile, the super-villain's army of monks and his sister Tabith (Jessica Lucas) are running all over Gotham, doing his bidding. We see one of these super-human monks taking on Jim, and walking away seemingly unscathed, even after getting stabbed.

These "brothers" under the leadership of Father Creel (Ron Rifkin), still remain a mystery, but to think they are not dangerous would be foolish. They dress in shadowy clothes and kill at the command of the Dumas family members, and hopefully more will be revealed about them before the mid-season finale on 30 November.

Bruce (David Mazouz) and Cat (Camren Bicondova) are on a mission of their own, as the latter tries to prove to her friend that Silver (Natalie Alyn Lind), Galavan's niece, is bad news. In the promo, we see Silver bound to a chair as her mouth remains taped shut.

We do not know if she is in fact playing a con like her uncle, but many fans believe that Bruce and Selena may have kidnapped her, to find out the truth behind her intentions. Even as they look for their answers, Alfred (Sean Pertwee) is searching for his ward, when he runs into Tabitha, who is furiously looking for something in the fireplace; presumably the document about the Waynes' killer that her brother burned.

Fans will also remember that Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) are now friends, and a strong prediction is that the duo will kill Galavan, who killed Penguin's mother. It would be a fitting finale if Penguin wins over the war in Gotham, just when everyone thought he is out of the picture; exactly like Season 1.

Watch out for Season 2 Episode 10 of "Gotham" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Monday, 23 November. You can also live stream "The Son of Gotham" via Fox Now.