In the upcoming episode titled "Goldzilla Gold" of Discovery's "Gold Rush" Season 6, things are not going to be very well for the competitors as Tony will have a row with Gene while Hoffman will desperately try to keep his staff from fighting with each other.

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According to the synopsis by, Hoffman deals with a feud between his day and night staff. Elsewhere, Tony and Gene have a disagreement about operations while Parker's wash plant is producing pay.

Tony and Gene have been clashing for a while as they disagree on most of each other's proposals or ideas. However, it seems this time the issue is big and the episode is surely going to surprise fans.

Meanwhile, Hoffman is having a hard time controlling his staff. There has been some disagreement between his day staff and night staff and they are refusing to work with each other. Though Hoffman is trying his best to convince them, they are not in a mood to listen and it is affecting his dredging operation.

In the previous episode, titled "Crew War", Parker's new mechanic sparked a mutiny while a drought shut down Todd's operation. Meanwhile, Tony faced a major issue that almost put him out of business.

Even though it was not clear what exactly caused Tony's misfortune, one thing was for sure: It almost ruined Tony's operations and he was on verge of getting out of the gold-digging business and the prospect of it had definitely made others sad.

Elsewhere, Parker's new mechanic was creating a lot of trouble for everyone, and even misbehaved with a couple of workers. Parker had got a lot of complaints against him, and was seriously considering replacing him.

However, as it was impossible to find another mechanic on such a short notice, Parker reluctantly permitted his current one to continue work.