It seems things are not very well with Tony, and if he doesn't take careful steps, he might lose his position and go out of business in the upcoming episode of Discovery's "Gold Rush", titled "Crew War".

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According to the synopsis of the episode, as mentioned, Parker's new mechanic sparks a mutiny while a drought shuts down Todd's operation.

Meanwhile, Tony faces a major issue that could put him out of business.

Even though it is not clear what exactly causes Tony's misfortune, one thing is for sure: If Tony doesn't get things on track soon, he might have to get out of the gold digging business and the prospect of it has definitely made others sad.

Elsewhere, Parker's new mechanic is creating a lot of trouble for everyone, and has even misbehaved with a couple of workers. Parker has got a lot of complaints against him, and is seriously considering replacing him. The trouble is, it could take a lot of time to find a new mechanic, and the dredging operation can't be delayed any longer.

In the previous episode, titled "Captain Monica", Monica assisted Tony with his dredging operations while Parker tried to operate a giant machine.

Parker celebrated his 21st birthday recently and received some words of wisdom from Tony, who told him about the importance of making good investments.

Tony was left with no option but to rebuild his wash-plant while Parker hit the jackpot in an attempt to get more gold than his rival Todd.

So far, Season 6 has been full of interesting turns of events. With only one episode remaining, fans are curious to know how the journey ends for all of those actively involved in project Gold Rush.

Right now, none of them is left with much time, and must continue finishing their dredging operations as soon as possible. Hence, if Parker really has to fire his mechanic, it is high time, otherwise, he may lose the competition.

"Crew War" will air tonight on Discovery Channel.