Discovery Channel's reality television series "Gold Rush" is currently taking a mid-season break for Christmas. However, it seems Monica is all set to assist Tony in his dredging operations in the upcoming episode titled "Captain Monica".

TV Guide has mentioned that in the episode, Monica covers Tony's dredging operation. Elsewhere, Parker attempts a large haul.

It seems Tony's dredge is finally back to normal and it has calmed him significantly. Elsewhere, Parker, after having a super fun birthday month with Christmas, is all set to work hard.

Previously, Parker celebrated his 21st birthday with a big new toy while Tony looked into making an investment and Todd got a wake up call.

Todd's crew unearthed evidence of a massive prehistoric creature that may or may not lead to big gold.

Tony was forced to rebuild his wash-plant and Parker opened the biggest cut of his life in an attempt to get more gold than his rival Todd.

The Hoffman crew uncovered a unique potential sign of good gold. Parker refused to give up on Treasure Island and a fight between Tony and his crew created a tense atmosphere.

Jack got to chase his dream at ElDorado, the richest documented creek in North America.

Parker's crews pushed hard in an attempt to have Treasure Island live up to its name. Tony discovered his dredge is pouring gold out of its sluices.

Parker and his foreman Rick took a chance on a new cut. Todd searched for a fix so he could stop losing gold out of the sluice box. Tony's crew hit a huge snag with the dredge.

Parker got frustrated and took it out on his crew until his grandpa gave him a much-needed wake-up call.

Tony's crew battled over how to fix the bucket line on the dredge and Todd called upon Freddy Dodge for help.

"Captain Monica" will air on 1 January, 2016.