Riley and Maya from Girl Meets World
Girl Meets World will feature a spooky story with some cruelest tricks next Friday, November 4, at 8.30pm on Disney Channel.Instagram/Sabrina Carpenter

Season 3 episode 4 of "Girl Meets World," titled "Girl Meets Permanent Record," will premiere on the Disney Channel on Friday, June 24. The episode will show fans yet another distinction between middle school and high school life, especially in terms of academics.

As fans of "Girl Meets World" know, Riley (Rowan Blanchard) is a good student, while her best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) has always been more of an artist than an academically gifted person. This has been the order of the universe and everyone had assumed that will never change, but if we know anything about the "GMW" writers it is that they show you how everything is possible.

In the upcoming episode "Girl Meets Permanent Record," we see Maya excelling in the Spanish class, while Riley gets her first D. To top it off, she realises that this is the first grade that would go on her permanent record. Knowing Riley, we're sure this would affect her, especially the fact that her underachieving friend is doing better than her.

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Meanwhile, the others in the gang are also facing similar problems. Lucas (Peyton Meyer), who is an amazing sportsman and the muscle of the group, is not able to impress the baseball coach during try-outs. However, his best friend Zay (Amir Mitchell Townes) excels and joins the team.

Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis), on the other hand, is irked by the fact that he is not the only genius in his class. His former nemesis and current girlfriend Smackle (Cecilia Balagot) is smarter than him, which strains their relationship.

We know that all the friends will work their issues out before the end of the episode, because that is what they do. They live by the code "People make people" and, of course, they will inspire each other to become better students and better people.

Meanwhile, the Riley-Lucas-Maya romantic triangle remains to be addressed properly. We are hoping that it will happen in Season 3 episode 5 "Girl Meets Triangle." It's anyone's guess what the endgame is: Lucaya, Rucas or Rucaya.

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