Shawn and Katy get married
Shawn and Katy get marriedScreenshot/Youtube

After a week-long break, Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World" is returning with Season 3 episode 10 titled "Girl Meets I Do" on Friday, Aug. 12. As the title suggests, the episode will feature a wedding, and the much-awaited Shawn-Katy wedding will see the return of everyone's beloved Mr Feeny.

In the upcoming "Girl Meets I Do," fans will see that Maya has in fact returned to her true form, and so has a lot of her pessimism. Although she had approved of her mother's relationship with Shawn, she feels that relationships do not last, especially since her mom's relationship with her dad ended badly.

However, Shawn is more than happy to convince Maya otherwise and decides to get married to the woman he loves as soon as possible. Topanga and Cory, the maid-of-honour and best man respectively put everything together just ahead of the rooftop ceremony. "Boy Meets World" fans will be excited to note that Mr Feeny will act as the officiant at the ceremony.

Season 3 episode 10 "Girl Meets I Do" will be aired at 8:30 p.m.(EST) on Disney Channel. You can also live-stream "Girl Meets I Do" via Disney Go.

With this deviation from the main story featuring Riley and her friends out of the way, "Girl Meets the Real World,' which will mark Season 3 episode 11 will see how the new couple of the show is faring. As fans know, "Girl Meets Ski Lodge" series saw Lucas and Riley choosing to be with each other, while Maya realised that she still wants to be with Uncle Josh.

We will finally get to see how Lucas and Riley are as a couple, and from the promos for the rest of the season, it looks like she might be a slightly jealous girlfriend. Meanwhile, this triangle resolution has caused some rift between fans of the show, because Lucaya shippers are still sore that Rucas is the reality.

The Lucaya fans even reportedly tried to trend that "Girl Meets World" is coming to an end on twitter. However, the lovers of the show retaliated by tweeting with the hashtag #SAVEGIRLMEETSWORLD. Despite the confusion it has been clarified that "Girl Meets World" is not getting cancelled, at least not now. Disney Channel is yet to give out any news regarding Season 4, but from the way the show is going it doesn't look like it is getting cancelled any time soon.