"Girl Meets World" has gone on to become one of the most beloved series on Disney, and will be getting a Season 3. However, this is bittersweet news, because, the promise of Season 3 also means materialisation of Lucaya or Rucas will not happen in the remaining two episodes of Season 2.

The upcoming Season 2 Episode 26, titled "Girl Meets STEM", will deal with more academic and social issues Riley (Rowan Blanchard) faces, rather than the romantic ones involving Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and her best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter). Regardless of the delay, fans are still anticipating a solution to the love triangle, and in a poll we conducted, majority claimed they wanted Rucas to materialise. 

Of the 3,046 fans who voted, 1,527 wanted to see Riley and Lucas together, while 1,287 wanted to see Maya and Lucas. Meanwhile, let the wait for Season 3 not stop you from living vicariously through the descriptive Lucaya and Rucas fan-fiction easily available on the Internet.

We have known for a while that Riley will tackle feminism in "Girl Meets STEM", and question why girls are discouraged from being competitive in subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As always "GMW", has a great way of addressing serious issues with a touch of humour, so as to hold the attention of its young viewers.

In a clip shared by The Wrap, we see Riley trying to find out what she is feeling uneasy about after her chemistry class, just as Maya wonders why she doesn't have a chimichanga in her hand even though school got over. Riley later figures out that all the girls in her class are given the easy task while boys did the majority of the work.

How will Riley fix this issue? Find out when Season 2 Episode 26 of "Girl Meets World" airs on Disney Channel at 8:30 pm (EST) on Friday, 9 January. You can also live-stream "Girl Meets STEM" via Disney Go!