The long wait for new episodes of "Girl Meets World" is coming to a close, and the Season 2 Episode 26 of the Disney series will be aired next Friday, 8 January. Moreover, it has also been confirmed that the tween/teen show centering on young Riley Mathews (Rowan Blanchard) has been renewed for Season 3.

"Girl Meets STEM" and "Girl Meets Money", which will be aired on 8 January and 22 January respectively, will mark the penultimate and final episodes of Season 2. While STEM will allow Riley to teach her young fans that girls can become anything they want to be, including scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians, the latter episode will teach her about the responsibilities of being a grown-up, namely managing her expenses.

This means, Season 2 will once again shy away from exploring the love triangle between Riley, Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter). It is going to be frustrating to not know the results of what happened in "Girl Meets the New Year". The episode, which marked Season 2 Episode 25 of the show, saw Riley, Maya and Lucas vulnerable and open with their feelings.

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All of them now know that Riley and Maya both like Lucas, and Lucas has unresolved feelings for both of them. However, the best friends are not willing to do anything to hurt the other, and this sentiment will hold both Maya and Riley back from moving forward with Lucas. It would be interesting to see how the "GMW" writers untangle this complicated situation, without hurting anyone long-term.

A recent tweet mentioned the titles of all the episodes to look forward to in "Girl Meets World" Season 3, and the name of one of them was "Triangle" leading us to believe that it is about the love traingle between Riley, Lucas and Maya.

However, for that, we will have to wait till the Season 3 premiere , which can occur anytime in March, April and May of 2016. Fret not, because we will be regularly updating you on the progression of the "Lucaya" and "Rucas" relationships. Do not forget to check back here for the same.