After an absence of two weeks, "Girl Meets World" is heralding the New Year in advance to Disney Channel with Season 2 Episode 25. Although the show got distracted from the Maya-Lucas-Riley love triangle for a couple of episodes after the "Girl Meets Texas" three-parter, "Girl Meets the New Year" will bring it back on track.

So far, we know Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lucas (Peyton Meyer) are trying to understand the relationship they share, while Riley (Rowan Blanchard) is hell-bent on covering up her feelings for Lucas so her best friend can have a shot at happiness. The only one that knows Riley still has feelings for Lucas is Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis).

Although Farkle had told Riley she should reveal her feelings to Maya and Lucas, she asked Farkle for some time to deal with her feelings. Farkle agreed, but in the upcoming "Girl Meets the New Year", he gives her an ultimatum: Either she tells them before the clock strikes midnight or he will.

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Adding a new contender to mix, Riley gets a new suitor in Charlie Gardner (Tanner Buchanan), who tells her it would be interesting to see who Riley is with at midnight. However, Farkle advices Riley to make a decision before anything gets serious with Charlie.

In a promo for the upcoming episode, we see Riley telling Charlie in private she cannot be with him, but before she tries to avoid revealing this to Maya and Lucas, Farkle ends up outing her secret. It looks like Maya, Lucas and Riley have a tough decision ahead of them. Will Lucas choose one girl over the other, or will they decide to shelve their romantic feelings for the time being and focus on their friendship?

Find out in Season 2 Episode 25 of "Girl Meets World" at 8:30 pm (EST) on Friday, 4 December. You can also live stream "Girl Meets the New Year" via Disney Go!