'Girl Meets World' season 2 episode 19
'Girl Meets World' season 2 episode 19

"Girl Meets World" will air its Season 2 Episode 19 on Friday, 9 October, and in it, we will see Riley (Rowen Blanchard) trying out for the cheer-leading squad. This episode is also expected to mark the appearance of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

After a wonderfully educative episode on anti-bullying, we got a fun-filled Halloween-themed episode on last Friday, and it looks like we will get another light-hearted episode this week too, with Riley hoping to become a cheerleader and sadly failing at it.

We see that much like painting, Riley is not really great at cheer-leading either and while coach makes it clear to her abundantly, Riley does not seem to care. And we must remember, that while Riley may lack technique, she more than makes up for it in enthusiasm and by encouraging those around her to do better all times – and isn't that what cheer-leading is all about?

Regardless of whether they think she is good at it, if Riley wants to be a cheerleader, then all her friends will be there to support her. While doing just that, Zay (Amir Mitchell Townes) finds an admirer in one of the cheerleaders.

Some time back, we had heard about Perez Hilton making an appearance in "Girl Meets World" and "Girl Meets Rah Rah" is most possibly it, because from the set photos it looked like the blogger was MC-ing a cheerleading event.

Will Riley convince the coach to take her on as a cheerleader? Find out at 8.30 pm (EST) on Friday, 9 October, when "Girl Meets World" will air season 2 episode 19. You can also live stream Girl Meets Rah Rah" via Disney Go!