Barry was portrayed as dead in "The Flash" Season 2 episode 20
Barry was portrayed as dead in "The Flash" Season 2 episode 20Facebook/The Flash

"The Flash" returns to the CW after the short break on Tuesday, April 19, and it is not one you want to miss if you are a Zoom (Teddy Sears) fan. Season 2 episode 18, titled "Versus Zoom," will finally give viewers some back-story on the villainous speedster from Earth-2.

The new trailer for "Versus Zoom" sees Dr Wells (Tom Cavanagh) requesting Joe (Jesse L Martin) to persuade Barry to not reopen the breach to Earth-2. The duo has a father-to-father talk in the upcoming episode wherein Wells tells Joe the breach could bring Zoom to Earth-1 and put the lives of both their children at risk.

However, Joe knows that trying to talk Barry out of defeating Zoom is pointless. Not only did Zoom fool all of Team Flash into trusting his lookalike/alter-ego Jay Garrick, he is also torturing a whole Earth filled with innocent people. Barry cannot let that slide.

Regardless, Joe asks Wells to go with Barry to Earth-2 because he believes his foster son's chances are better with the scientist by his side. The opening of the breach, however, seems to bring Joe and Zoom to each other.

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A trailer released earlier this month showed Joe asking Zoom: "Why the charade?" To this, Zoom replies he likes to give people hope so he can rip it away from them. They are possibly discussing about the Jay Garrick persona, which we still believe is not a persona but a separate character altogether. We have explained this theory in a previous article.

Hopefully, the truth about Zoom's identity will be revealed when Season 2 episode 18 airs at 8 p.m. (EST) on Tuesday, April 19. You can also watch "Versus Zoom" online via  CWINGO and The CW Seed.

The official synopsis for "The Flash" Season 2 episode 18 "Versus Zoom" reads: "Equipped with the tachyon device, Barry believes he is fast enough to stop Zoom and wants to open the breaches to catch him. Harry strongly advises against that plan but after Barry convinces him, Harry reveals that Cisco has the power to re-open the breach. Meanwhile, Hunter Zolomon's painful story on Earth-2 is revealed."

Meanwhile, a major concern for the show is how Dr Wells will return to Season 3 of "The Flash" once the Zoom story is wrapped up in the current season. There would ideally be no reason for him to stay back in this Earth, unless of course, Zoom is defeated on Earth-1 and the breaches are sealed for good.

Another loophole for Dr Wells to remain on Earth-1 is for his daughter Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) to insist that she has made new friends and has a new life in Barry's Earth. She may potentially also have a storyline with Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale).

Yet another sinister way for Dr Wells to return could be something many villains and Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) from "Arrow" have employed: Just return and say I was never dead and you can't defeat me. However, this would mean evil Dr Wells is the one returning and that seems like a long shot. Regardless, we hope the showrunners will resort to whatever measure necessary and bring Cavanagh back for yet another season.