"The Flash" is going to enter very exciting territory, but just ahead of that the CW show is going on a break. However, when Season 2 episode 18 is aired Tuesday, April 19, it will hit the sweet spot with "Versus Zoom."

The upcoming episode will see Barry (Grant Gustin) facing Jay (Teddy Sears) for the first time after learning that he is the Zoom. In the promo for the episode, Joe (Jesse L Martin) asks Jay, "Why the charade?" to which he replies, "To give people hope, detective... So I can rip it away from them."

This conversation brings with it quite a few theories relating to the actual identity of Zoom. We had previously speculated how Teddy Sears would be playing four separate characters â€” Jay Garrick of Earths one and two, and Hunter Zolomon of Earths one and two. According to this theory Jay of Earth 2 has no idea that Zoom is his lookalike.

However, the new promo suggests that Jay himself is Zoom and that he took on the mission of ripping hope away from people after going through something tumultuous. Team Flash learns that Jay's real name is Hunter Zolomon and that he is a convicted serial killer. The trailer shows an unkempt version of Jay getting strapped into a chair looking eerily similar to Hannibal Lecter.

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It seems like electricity was coursing through his body when something strange happened, possibly the explosion of the particle accelerator, and he became the Zoom. He then probably injected himself with Velocity 6 to become the formidable speedster fans know him as.

The promo also sees Jay or a lookalike handing over Earth -2 Flash's helmet to a young boy. It could also be that the young boy is actually Zoom and that he is avenging the wrong s that were committed against his father.

All will be revealed in "Versus Zoom" which is also said to feature quite a few "Arrow" characters. However, they will not be the characters fans know. Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), for example, is known as the Black Siren instead of the Black Cannery. This will mark the first time "Arrow" characters get an identity in a parallel dimension.