The official synopsis of AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" episode 5, titled "Cobalt", reveals the plans of the National Guard for the neighbourhood and its residents. And this, apparently, forced Travis and Madison to take a difficult decision.

As shown in the trailer, Ofelia Salazar throws things at the fence while demanding the soldiers to tell her where they have taken her mother. In another teaser, one of her friends who is a soldier prevents her from being attacked by one of the members of the National Guard. Later, she tries to calm things down by persuading her team to understand the situation.

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Meanwhile, Madison and Travis are constantly clashing due to difference of opinions. While Travis is grateful that the National Guard has taken control, Madison doesn't trust them at all.

In the previous episode, we had reported that the National Guard had took over the town and were desperately trying to control the situation by killing at sight everyone, even the ones who had not turned into walkers.

The last episode began nine days after the National Guard took possession of the town. In a montage, it was shown that Nick was sunbathing in a pool while Travis ran around the neighbourhood waving at the people. Daniel Salazar was taking care of his wife as she was badly injured in the previously.

Madison complained to Travis about all the extra work she had to do as the house was crowded. Chris tried to tell Travis that not everyone outside the fence was dead, but Travis didn't believe him.

While Madison left the house, Travis told the National Guard CO about a house on the hill. Madison looked at the people outside the fence and told Daniel that there were some who were not even infected.

At the end of the episode, Mrs. Salazar and Nick were taken to a healthcare facility by the soldiers.