it seems from the official synopsis of AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" episode 4 titled "Not Fade Away" that military has succumbed to the walker-infestation and are dead set to kill anyone in desperation.

Earlier, we had reported that in the previous episode titled "The Dog," while hiding from the walkers and brain eaters, Travis and Madison witnessed the dark side of National Guard as the soldiers mercilessly shot at anyone in the sight without even considering whether the person is a walker or not.

Making their way out of the town, Travis and Madison were relieved to see the National Guard taking control of the neighbourhood. However, as the soldiers are not prioritising safety of the civilians anymore, is rendezvous with them going to cost Travis his life?

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The sneak peak of episode 4 suggests that the military may become the villain and the survivors will rebel against their atrocities. Also, Travis' drug addict son Nick may become an easy prey to the walkers or the military.

Given that Travis is killed by the military, the story will certainly have a significant twist as Madison will be on her own and there would be no one to trust, not even the National Guard.

The sneak peek didn't tell much about the status of Alicia, Chris and Liza. As the situation has developed in episode 2, it seems they will also have a hard time to escape to a safer place accompanied with Salazar family.

So far, the story is advancing well with each episode making the plot darker and more mysterious than the previous one. Hopefully, "Not Fade Away" will add to the pace and will carry on the story with much intrigue.