According to the official synopsis of "Fear the Walking Dead" episode 4 titled "Not Fade Away," Madison and Travis witness different sides of the National Guard's occupation in their neighbourhood even as the family tries to adapt to the new world.

TV Guide reports that Travis and his family are left with no choice but to adjust to the new world that is swarming with walkers. He and Madison will see the government desperately trying to take charge of the chaos.

In the episode promos, it seems the military will become the villain of the series. The survivors will oppose the actions of the military and the presence of military forces will create a conflict between the opinions of Travis and Madison.

Besides, Travis and Madison might fight over their drug addict son, Nick. Hiding under a car, Madison will be horrified to witness a brutal killing committed by the military in the neighbourhood.

The National Guards are hording everywhere, seemingly trying to protect the civilians. However, Travis and Madison could not help but notice a different side of them in such cursed times. What possibly they see that surprises them about the guards?

The third episode titled "The Dog" began in the barber shop where Travis, his ex-wife Liza and son Chris were hiding after a riot broke out in the streets. They were accompanied by Daniel Salazar and his family.

However, soon they found out that the shop was on fire and were forced to run outside, amid the chaos. Luckily, they found their truck unscathed from the turmoil and slowly drove their way out of the area.

A state of emergency was declared on the radio and National Guards took control. Walkers had infested the streets and the bullets fired by the police could not stop them. All of a sudden, all of Los Angeles got engulfed in pitch black darkness.

A walker broke into Madison's house and ate the dog. Luckily, Madison and her children were outside and hence were saved. When Travis returned home, he was attacked by the walker but Travis managed to kill the attacker.   

Madison suggested killing their neighbour who had turned into a brain eater but Travis refused. As they were driving out of the place, they saw a National Guard shooting their neighbour-turned-walker.

At the end of the episode, the military arrived and took command of the neighbourhood while Travis hugged Madison.