After his couch is stolen, Peter becomes a part of the neighbourhood watch and it seems that he accidentally shoots Cleveland, mistaking him to be the thief in the latest episode of "Family Guy" titled "A Shot in the Dark."

To watch what prompts Peter to suspect Cleveland and how he ends up shooting him, CLICK HERE. has revealed the synopsis of the episode, which mentions that due to Peter's couch being stolen from his lawn, he forms a neighbourhood watch group.

While being on duty, Peter shoots someone trying to sneak into Cleveland's house and is arrested on charges of hate crime. Much to his horror, Peter initially thinks that he shot Cleveland mistaking him for the thief.

However, when Peter finds out that Cleveland is safe, he apologises to him. Afterwards, Cleveland voluntarily takes the blame.

In the previous episode titled "Brokeback Swanson," Peter, Cleveland and Quagmire wanted to run with bulls, but tried to exclude Joe since he was in a wheelchair. However, Joe showed up in full bull-run costume when they were about to drive to the event.

As the race started, Joe started having fun, but slipped on a beer bottle can and after falling from his wheelchair, he was brutally crushed by the other racers and was thrown a long distance by the rampaging bulls.

At the hospital, Dr Hartman told Joe, Bonnie, Peter, and Lois that Joe was now quadriplegic. Bonnie left Joe because she "didn't sign up for this", and said she was heading off to a new life in Europe.

After realising that they can't take care of Joe 24-hours, Peter and his friends decide to relocate Joe to a medical facility.

However, soon Peter and Lois realised that they can't leave Joe in the facility. They go back to the medicial facility to fetch him.