Amy and Karma from "Faking It"
Amy and Karma from "Faking It"Facebook/Faking It

Karma (Katie Stevens), Amy (Rita Volk) and the rest of their friends are returning to Hester High School after the summer Tuesday, March 15, 2016. The girls will meet each other for the first time after Amy left Austin with her ex-girlfriend Raegan's (Yvette Monreal) band at the beginning of the holidays.

As fans would remember, Amy was constantly being pulled back into the vortex of Karma, but after the drunken kiss between the duo in the Season 2 finale, Amy decided that she needed to take a break from her BFF. The two friends had never spent so much time apart from each other, and it is understood that the distance worked in both of their favour.

While Amy got a chance to explore her sexuality during her time touring, Karma started making other friends, the most notable of which is her ex-nemesis Shane (Michael Willet). They started hanging out while working on their summer jobs and became friends over the course of the holidays. 

Seeing them hit it off is not just disconcerting for Liam (Gregg Sulkin) and Amy, but also for the fans. In the promo for the upcoming "It's All Good" Karma tells Shane, "I can't believe I once called you gay Hitler."

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Now that Liam has declared he is over Karma, his best friend Shane is stuck between Karma and Amy. As fans know, Shane was a close friend of Amy, and could never understand why Amy liked Karma in the first place. Now that he and Karma are friends, he is confused as to whose side he should take in the fight between the two girls.

While Karma is angry with Amy for leaving her and going away for the summer, Amy believes she did the right thing by maintaining a distance from the woman she has unrequited love for. As always, all their common friends and enemies will get caught in the fight between the duo.

Watch Season 3 episode 1 of "Faking it" at 10:30 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 15. You can also live-stream "It's All Good" via MTV Live.