Grab some popcorn and get cozy, because the drama in "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 8 has only started with episode 2. After the sad departure of one of the most beautiful queens to walk the "Drag Race" runway, the remaining eleven had fought neck and neck in "B---h Perfect" to guarantee their spot in Episode 3. 

Warning: Major Spoilers for "Rupaul's Drag Race" Season 8 Episode 2 titled "B---h Perfect"

With the beauty of the competition having left after the very first challenge, the queens were quick to wonder who the current beauty queen of the season is. While Derrick Barry, the Britney Spears lookalike, had assumed the tag would naturally fall on her lap, Acid Betty reminded her that Naomi Smalls is still in the room.

As entertaining as the mini Ki Ki was, it was interrupted by RuPaul who announced their mini-challenge for the episode. The queens had to quickly put together a drag ensemble from the clothes provided by the Out of the Closet thrift store, and perform a quick Latin style dance-off to "Cha Cha B---h."

Chi Chi Devayne and Cynthia Lee Fontaine slayed the impromptu dance competition and became the captains of the two teams that competed in the group challenge of the episode. Chi Chi chose Acid Betty, Thorgy Thor, Dax ExclaimationPoint and Naomi for her group Shady B-----s, while Cynthia chose Bob the Drag Queen, Dereck, Laila, Robbie Turner and Kim Chi for Lady B-----s.

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Each team definitely had their own problems, with Chi Chi facing stiff competition from the strong personalities in her group, especially Betty. Meanwhile, Cynthia has Kim Chi, who might just be the worst dancer in "Drag Race" history in her team. However, world renowned choreographer Jamal Sims helped the two groups put their act together. And his instincts during practice were a clear indication of the queens that came on bottom 2.

As always we got to learn a lot more about the queens in the dressing room; which of the hotties used to be insecure fat kids, who is still a virgin, who was in a gang, and so on. Soon enough it was time to show Ru, Ester Dean, Lucian Piane, and Jamal Sims what they have practising.

After the very entertaining performances that elicited "ooh"s and "aah"s from the judges, the ladies presented their movie premiere elaganza looks on the runway. Acid Betty, Thorgy Thor, Kim Chi, Laila, Dax ExclaimationPoint, Chi Chi were categorised as the tops and bottoms of the episode.

While Chi Chi was deemed the winner of the episode, Thorgy Thor and Acid Betty were right behind her. Kim Chi got the last seat on the safety train, but Dax and Laila, both of whom not only disappeared in the group act, but failed to make an impact on the runway, had to fight for their spot on "Drag Race" by lip syncing to "I will survive."

Despite the memorable performances, a huge twist led Ru to send both Dax and Laila packing.