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The reality show that put that art of drag on the map of entertainment, "Rupaul's Drag Race," returned Monday, March 7, 2016, to Logo TV with Season 8. Along with the joys of make-up, lip-synching and entertainment, the hour-long episode, titled "Keeping it 100!", also brought with it tears and heartache when the name of the first queen to sashay away was announced.

Shocking many fans, one of the most beautiful drag queens of the season, Naysha Lopez aka Fabian Rodriguez, failed to make it to Episode 2, "Bitch Perfect." International Business Times, India got the opportunity to speak with Lopez about her time at "RuPaul's Drag Race."

International Business Times, India: If you could describe your experience on "RuPaul's Drag Race" in one word (or a couple), what would it be?

Naysha Lopez: Waaaay Toooo Short!!!

IBT: If you get a chance to do the Maxi challenge again, how differently would you do it?

Lopez: I'm really not sure. Honestly, I think given any other challenge I would have done great, but given all that garbage of drag on a dime, I just couldn't get it together.

IBT: In "Untucked!" it seemed you knew there was a strong possibility you would go home. Did you have a premonition at all, and if you did, why?

Lopez: No. there was a lot more critique you guys didn't get to see and it wasn't so much as it was negative, but it was the way the judges went about it that I felt I was going home.

IBT: Whose runway look did you love the most among the other contestants?

Lopez: Acid Betty had THE BEST look!! It was really well executed and she Slayed!!!

IBT: What do you wish the viewers will remember the most about you?

Lopez: The advice I gave Chichi and how much of a people person I am and if I can help someone look at that glass full opposed to empty, well that makes me happy.

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IBT: Among all the previous winners of the "Drag Race," who is your favourite and has influenced you the most?

Lopez: I love Sharron Needles! She's never compromised who she is as a person or an entertainer, and that's admirable!

IBT: What makes Naysha Lopez stand apart from the thousands of other drag queens?

Lopez: I love what I do and I work hard at my craft. I also have a great appreciation for other drag queens and their drag esthetic. I get joy at watching others perform.

IBT: You are one of the most accomplished drag queens of Season 8. Do you think RuPaul calling you "one of the most beautiful queens to ever walk this stage" is going to open more doors for you?

Lopez: I hope so!!! Lol She's our Queen and she isn't blind hahaha jk. I don't think anything negative can come from it. I look forward and welcome every opportunity with open arms.

IBT: How influential has RuPaul been in your personal and professional life?

Lopez: Very!!! She let me know that I can be myself and make no apologies for it. RuPaul has also showed me that I can be more and bigger than I can imagine so I should always push myself to be the very best I can be!!

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