Last week's Episode 264 of "Fairy Tale" was one of the most devastating of the manga series, with the brutal death of Igneel. The death itself was traumatising enough for fans, but the fact that flashbacks of how Igneel raised his adoptive son made the episode a touching one.

"Drops of Fire" also marked the end of the tyrant that was Mard Geer, and the villain considered all-powerful was reduced to nothing with the snap of Zeref's fingers. In fact Zeref's presence in the arc itself has been epic, in that he is shown as the most nonchalant and powerful of fighters, who just came in to settle the fight once and for all, and left without making a huge deal about it.

However, his departure leaves Igneel alone in his fight against Acnologia, leaving the former with no choice but to seal himself within the dragon slayers along with the other dragons so they do not become dragons like Acnologia. He informs his son telepathically of his decision and gets charred by Acologia's roar after he tears off the dragon's arm.

In the last scene, we see Natsu scream out in agony, and in the upcoming episode, too, he is reeling from the loss. Igneel's death was also traumatising for the fans, which is evident from their reactions:

KaiserTheDemon: I started to shed tears of blood for Igneel. The second I saw it happen I just started to fucking cry my ass off...and I'm still crying. May Natsu Avenge his fath...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Marcel Wilson-Lynch: but he's not dead right? people don't die in fairy tail.... he's coming back right?! igneel can't die! as an anime only watcher the worst part for me was when mange readers spoiled things on IG and I was hoping there would have been some of the spoiled scenes this week but noooooo guess I just have to wait til next week. also igneel can't die; this is fairy tail. no one dies.


However, the finale episode, which will be aired on TV Tokyo on Saturday, 26 December, will be even more shocking, according to the promos. You can stream Episode 264 — 90th episode of the 2014 series — titled "Tartaros Arc Epilogue: That Is the Power of Life" via Go GO Anime.