In the next episode titled "Retrofit" of Syfy's space opera drama "The Expanse", it seems Holden and other crew members of Canterbury will find out about their host Fred Johnson's secret agenda, which will leave them perplexed.

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The synopsis by reads: "Miller comes across revealing information on a hidden data cube. At the same time, Holden and the crew are surprised by their host's secret agenda."

Holden has been suspecting Johnson's moves ever since Johnson insisted that he and rest of the crew of Canterbury accompany him. However, it seems his suspicions are validated when he comes across a shocking revelation on Johnson's real motives.

Elsewhere, continuing his search for Julie Mao, Miller finds a significant piece of information on a hidden data cube and believes this will definitely lead him to Mao.

Whether the information retrieved from the data cube is worthy or is just like previous misleading traces, will be revealed only in the next episode.

In the previous episode, titled "Back to the Butcher", the Canterbury's survivors accepted a proposal by OPA leader Fred Johnson to join him at Tycho Station, for lack of options, and they renamed their salvaged ship the Rocinante.

A flashback showed how Johnson became the "Butcher of Anderson Station" 10 years ago: As a UN Marines colonel, he led an assault on a station occupied by protesting miners, killing all despite their attempts at surrender.

In the meanwhile, on Ceres, Miller found evidence linking Julie Mao to the OPA, who tried to recruit him through their local agent Anderson Dawes. Just when Miller was about to crack the code hidden in the evidence, he was abducted by unknown people.

Whether Miller is any closer to find the whereabouts of Julie Mao will be explained only in the upcoming episodes.